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Skin disease diagnosis and treatment

Our clinic doctors perform acute and chronic skin disease diagnosis and treatment with local and systemic medications, small surgical interventions and laser procedures for infants, children and adults. The clinic performs all necessary skin disease diagnostic tests: skin biopsy and morphological examination.

The most common skin disease:

During initial consultation dermatovenereologist thoroughly interviews the patient and ascertains the cause of the disease. In order to accurately determine the diagnosis additional diagnostic tests may be needed: skin biopsy with histological examination, microscopic examination and fungus culture, Wood’s lamp examination and specific blood tests. After evaluation of tests, the doctor gives a diagnosis and and individual treatment.

Service Price €
Urgent dermatologist consultation (register the same day or the day before) 50
Dermatologist consultation 40
Dermatologist consultation (when skin lesion removal procedure is performed) 30
Dermatologist consultation with laser and aesthetic dermatology procedures (except skin lesion removal)  *0
Skin biopsy and histological testing 70
Citologic testing 25
Fungal diseases diagnostic: microscopic testing (one area) 10
Fungal diseases diagnostic: microbiological testing (one area) 20
Fungal diseases diagnostic: microbiological and medicine sensitivity testing (one area) 40

* Except removal of the skin lesions.

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