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Treatment of Vascular Lesions with Alexandrite and Diode laser

Skin blemishes due to abnormal blood vessels located directly under your skin’s surface that give the skin a red color are called vascular lesions. Port wine stains, hemangiomas, cherry angiomas and spider veins (telangiectasias) are all forms of vascular lesions. All these skin formations can be successfully treated in Baltic Dermatology clinic.

Are Laser Treatments Safe?

Lasers have been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of treatments. Laser treatments performed properly, by a trained physician, are safe and effective. There are many benefits to laser surgery including no needles for most patients, more effective lesion removal, and less risk of scarring.

Do Treatments For Skin Lesions Hurt?

Some patients say they feel a slight sting, like the snap of a rubber band on the skin, followed by the feeling of sunburn. Many treatments do not require anesthetics. However, some patient feel more comfortable with a local numbing agent like ice or an anesthetic cream. For others, a local anesthetic injection may be beneficial.

How many procedures will i need?

It depends on the formation in question, the time of its appearance and its characteristics. Certain blood vessels, hemangiomas can be removed in a single session. Several treatments may be required for complex vascular lesions, long-term diffuse redness, congenital port-wine stains.

How will the skin look after the procedure?

After the procedure, swelling tissues and increased blood circulation (skin redness) may appear. Side effects disappear after 1 – 2 days. Best results are seen after 6 – 10 weeks. Repeatedly procedure may be performed after 6 – 10 weeks.

After the procedure is completed, the doctor will explain how the skin should be taken care of at home.

Service Price €
Forehead 50
Nose 70
Area around the nose 50
Cheek 120
Upper lip 50
Chin 50
Full face 200
Thigh 210 – 280
Calf 200 – 260
Cherry angioma, hemangioma 50
Capillary and congenital stain (1cmarea) 50

*Price depends on the number of laser impulses.

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