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Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is performed with the highest quality Juvederm and FillMed medical hyaluronic acid fillers. The procedure is performed exclusively by highly qualified dermatology and plastic surgeon doctors with experience in the field.
Why choose this procedure?

Quick procedure

After just 30 minutes, you can enjoy more beautiful and plumper lips.

Safe procedure

The procedure is performed only by experienced professional dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Only certified hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are used.

Predicted results

During the consultation, the doctor can describe what result can be achieved.
How the procedure looks like?

About lip augmentation procedure with hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections

The hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can enhance or correct the size and shape of your lips. This preparation can give you fuller and plumper lips and improve the appearance of your lips by adding – shape, structure, or volume.


During the procedure, which usually takes around 30 minutes, the doctor strategically injects a selected amount of filler into the lips to achieve the chosen result, increases volume, and ensures a shapely and even contour. Usually, the procedure does not cause pain, however, before the procedure, the injection site is treated with a special cream to reduce the skin’s sensitivity.


The first results will be visible instantly. The lips may experience mild, temporary swelling and bruising, which will disappear within a week. 


Most of the latest lip fillers are created with a substance naturally found in the skin – hyaluronic acid. Therefore, hyaluronic acid eventually breaks down, and the retreatment will ultimately be needed to maintain the soft, plump look. How long will the results of your lip augmentation procedure last can depend on several factors.


Baltic Dermatology clinic uses only the highest quality, safe medical hyaluronic fillers, evaluated for their effectiveness and durability. Lip augmentation procedure is performed exclusively by highly qualified doctors with experience in the field. Before the procedure, your doctor will provide you with a consultation and answer any questions.


Special offers

„SMILE“ (0.55 ml) medical hyaluronic acid filler – the effect lasts up to 12 months
„FillMed LIPS SOFT“ (1 ml) medical hyaluronic acid filler – the effect lasts up to 12 months

Prices of procedures

Doctor's consultation

During the procedure


When the procedure is not performed

Lip augmentation

„VOLIFT RETOUCH“ (0.55 ml)

The effect lasts up to 15 months

„VOLIFT“ (1 ml)

The effect lasts up to 15 months


The effect lasts up to 15 months

„TEOSYAL Puresense kiss“ (1 ml)

The effect lasts up to 15 months

„TEOSYAL RHA 2“ (1 ml)

The effect lasts up to 15 months

To reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions:

1 week before the procedure

Avoid blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and others.


2 days before the procedure

Avoid using Tretinoin, Retinol, Retinoids, Glycolic acid, or other anti-aging cosmetics on or near your lips. Avoid removing hair with wax, tweezers, cream, or otherwise irritating the area near the lips.


24 hours before the procedure

Do not use alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.


On the day of the procedure

Come to the clinic with a clean face – washed and without makeup.


General recommendations

Inform your doctor if you often suffer from cleft lip. Do not perform the procedure if you are expecting or nursing, are allergic to any ingredients, or have a neurological disease.

In the first hours

  • Use a cooling compress. Do not apply ice directly to the skin! Wrap it in a thin towel or other material.
  • Use an anti-swelling cream with Arnica in the injection area. You can buy it at our clinic.
  • Do not scratch, massage, or otherwise irritate the injection site. Unpleasant symptoms should pass after a few hours, sometimes after a few days. Please inform the clinic administration if unpleasant symptoms continue for more than 3 days.


After 6 – 10 hours after the procedure

  • Avoid extreme heat until the swelling and redness subside. This includes sun and solarium, sauna, hot tub, or hot wax in the treatment area.
  • To relieve swelling, we recommend taking pain relievers medications recommended by your doctor during the day.
  • If there is a visible bump, you can massage the area. Depending on the area treated and the product used, you may feel a tight feeling in that area. Over time, the preparation softens, and the extraneous sensation disappears (usually within 1-2 weeks).
  • Sunscreen and make-up can be used, and you can also use a gentle skin cleanser.
Is the procedure painful?
Before the procedure, the lips are numbed with an anesthetic cream. Also, the medicine used for lips augmentation contains painkillers. In case of particularly high pain sensitivity, additional anesthesia can be performed, as during dental procedures.
How long does the result last?
The duration of the result depends on the type of medication used and its amount. This information is provided in the service price list.

Lip augmentation

Used Juvederm Volbella 1.1 ml medical hyaluronic acid filler

The photo shows an actual patient. Results may vary. Unretouched photos are taken before and 1 month after the procedure.

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Register for the procedure in a way suitable for you

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After filling in the form, our specialists will contact you and arrange the most convenient arrival time.