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Viktorija Osipova

Beauty therapist

Viktorija Osipova

  • Viktorija Osipova, a beauty therapist with many years of experience, specializes in general, hardware, and clinical cosmetology.

  • Beauty therapist Viktorija Osipova has more than 7 years of work experience in the fields of cosmetology and beauty.


    Joined the “Baltic Dermatology” team in 2022.


    The beauty therapist trained and deepened her knowledge from international trainers – professionals in France, Latvia, and Lithuania.


    Viktorija Osipova is constantly interested in innovations, so every year, she participates and deepens her knowledge in various international pieces of training and seminars.

  • 2015. Vilnius College. Faculty of Health Care. Beauty therapy.


    2009. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH). Environmental Engineering Faculty. Environmental protection engineering. Baccalaureate.