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Alexandrite laser photorejuvenation of the skin

Alexandrite laser photorejuvenation – enjoy glowing, smooth, and elastic facial skin without pigment spots and wrinkles.
Why choose this procedure?

Rejuvenates the skin

The procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Reduces skin pigmentation and wrinkles

Skin tone becomes more uniform. Wrinkles are reduced.
How the procedure looks like?

About the Alexandrite laser photorejuvenation of the skin

Over time, due to the harmful effects of the sun, air pollution, age, and other reasons, the skin loses its purity, and wrinkles, pigment spots, enlarged pores, and capillaries appear. The Alexandrite laser photorejuvenation treatment effectively and painlessly solves all these skin changes.


The treatment can be performed on the face, neck, décolleté, hands, chest, and other areas of the body.


At the beginning of the treatment, the skin is cleaned carefully. A light applicator is placed on the skin providing a short relaxing laser pulse and a warm, tingling sensation. The laser applicator is displaced to a nearby skin area until the entire area is affected. The laser creates a high-intensity light beam that penetrates deep into the skin tissue, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat. In this way, new collagen is synthesized. As a result, the skin becomes elastic and smooth. You will be given eye-protecting goggles. A non-contact skin cooling system ensures comfort during the procedure.


The result is more youthful, elastic skin, reduced wrinkles, and a more even skin tone.


​Laser treatments at the Baltic Dermatology clinic are performed exclusively by highly qualified dermatovenerologists with experience in the field. Before the procedure, your doctor will provide you with a consultation and answer any questions.


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How to prepare for the procedure?

  • Avoid active sunshine or UV lights at least 3 weeks before the procedure, or use sun-screen creams with SPF values higher than 30.
  • Avoid self-tanning lotions for 2 weeks before your procedure.
  • Do not perform plucking or waxing 2 – 4 weeks before the procedure. All other hair removal methods when the hair root is preserved, e.g. shaving and cutting, are permissible.
  • Do not apply irritating compounds such as glycolic acid or retinoid to the skin 1 week before the procedure.
  • The day before the procedure or the same day, the hair in the area to be depilated should be shaved (waxing or plucking is not allowed).

Post-procedure care

  • After the procedure, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun, so we recommend using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher in the treated areas.
  • Do not scrub or otherwise irritate the skin with abrasive skin care products in the first days after the procedure.
  • Your specialist may recommend additional preventive measures.
How many procedures are required?
On average, 4-6 laser hair removal procedures are required to achieve the maximum result. Procedures are performed every 4-8 weeks. Hair falls out already after the first procedure. With each treatment, the number of hair decreases, hairs become thinner, barely visible, and cause less skin problems.
Is laser hair removal painful?
Each laser pulse causes a tingling and heat sensation. A modern integrated cooling system ensures additional skin protection during laser hair removal. Before each laser pulse, the system cools the top layer of the skin. Due to this laser feature, there is no need to use any cooling gels, the procedure becomes easier to tolerate, and better results are achieved.
From which places can laser hair removal be performed?
With this treatment, hairs can be removed from all body parts.

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After filling in the form, our specialists will contact you and arrange the most convenient arrival time.